Mining Engineering, Labor Market, Formal Employment


The number of Mining Engineering courses has increased in Brazil since 2004, resulting in a significant rise in the number of graduates. However, such growth was not followed by an equivalent rise in the number of applications for professional registration as a Mining Engineer with the Regional Engineering Councils, which might indicate a shortage of professional opportunities in the marketplace. This paper addresses the current labor market scenario for mining engineers in Brazil, taking sources of formal employment data as a basis: the Labor Ministry’s CAGED and RAIS employee data systems. It was found that there has been a significant asymmetry between the number of graduates and the number of mining engineers formally registered in the country in recent years. Moreover, the number of mining engineers’ dismissals exceeds the hiring figures as of 2012, in contrast with the previous expansion forecasts in this industry, elaborated in 2010 and 2014, based on which new Mining Engineering courses had been opened.


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Biografia do Autor

Gabriel Rubio Pirillo, USP

Mining Engineer (UNIFAL-MG). Master's Degree Student (USP).

Maurício Guimarães Bergerman, Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (USP)

Mining Engineer (USP). Master in Mineral Engineering (USP). Doctor in Mineral Engineering (USP). Professor at University of São Paulo.


Kayleigh Meneghini, Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences (USP)

Astronomy undergraduate student at the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences (USP)

Eduardo Monma, National Mining Agency

Mining Engineer (USP). 

Humberto La Serna, National Mining Agency

Economist (USP). Master in Economy (UNESP).


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Pirillo, G. R., Bergerman, M. G., Meneghini, K., Monma, E., & La Serna, H. (2021). THE LABOR MARKET FOR A MINING ENGINEER: A SURVEY OF FORMALLY HIRED EMPLOYEES IN BRAZIL. HOLOS, 3, 1–10.




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