New Industry Standards to Increase the Reliability of Drilling Operations




Triangle of Normal Wear, SME, drilling dynamics, reliability


Design engineers select drilling bits based on their professional experience and knowledge about the area of the upcoming wells. Due to the absence of widely accepted algorithms for this task, diverse performance projections can come out if prepared by different persons. By selecting bits to withstand ranges of parameters similar to the used in offset wells, less failures and longer runs can be expected. In deeper wells, a slow increase in the modes of string harmonics makes well planning complex, becoming crucial for the endurance of drilling bits to avoid resonance. Two new standards are proposed to the Oil & Gas industry in this article, created to make well planning more effective and to increase safety in selecting drilling parameters at the rig. An environment of higher drilling efficiency will result in more reliable operations and lower operational costs.


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Biografia do Autor

Dalmo S. Amorim Jr., Universidade de São Paulo

Engenheiro de Minas pela USP-SP.
Mestre em Engenharia Mineral pela USP-SP.
Doutorando em Engenharia de Petróleo no departamento de Minas e Petróleo, Universidade de São Paulo.

Otto Luiz Alcantara Santos, Louisiana State University

Professor of LSU.

Ricardo Cabral de Azevedo, Universidade de São Paulo

Professor at Departamento de Minas e Petróleo, Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo.


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Amorim Jr., D. S., Santos, O. L. A., & de Azevedo, R. C. (2019). New Industry Standards to Increase the Reliability of Drilling Operations. HOLOS, 6, 1–14.




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