Behnam Dorostkar, Saeid Marjani


Using calibrated simulations, we report the In0.35Ga0.65As based tunnel field-effect transistor (TFET) with thin δ-doped n+ pocket at the source-channel interface to improve the parameters such as  on current (Ion), off-current (Ioff) and subthreshold swing (SS). The  simulations results of proposed device is compared with analytical model that is shown  with high precision of DC parameters by examining the effects of III-V semiconductor materials. Furthermore, the influence of pocket doping, pocket width, doping level,  effective oxide thickness (EOT), temperature and mole fraction of III-V semiconductor material on device performance have  been investigated. The results show that proposed device  has a higher ON current  (1×10-5 A/µm) and a steeper subthreshold swing (35 mV/decade) as compared with the conventional TFET. It shows a lot of promise for future scale CMOS  technology for low voltage and high frequency application


Analytical model; semiconductor materials; Tunneling field-effect transistor; ON current; OFF current

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15628/holos.2018.6173