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v. 2 n. 5 (2017): ÉTICA E EDUCAÇÃO
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Dialektiké is the Philosophy Journal of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Norte. Founded in 2014 by a group of professors from IFRN, it´s a pioneer initiative of the Federal Institutes (IFs). The journal was born from the necessity to create a new space for discussion and dissemination of research in various fields of Philosophy and related interdisciplinary studies that use philosophy as a theoretical tool. Its primary objective is to create a platform where researchers from IFs and from Universities can interact and give their contribution to the national and international scene of philosophical studies.

is characterized by the pluralist and dialectical nature of its publications. It receives articles, essays, translations and reviews in four languages : Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. Its scientific board is composed of professors coming from several Brazilian and foreign institutions specialized in various philosophical themes. This diversified approach in structuring the scientific board aims to improve the quality and objectivity of the article selection process.The periodicity of the publications is semiannual, exclusively by electronic means. Eventually, Dialektiké can also publish thematics dossiers. You are warmly invited to send us your contribution!